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Interior Design and Home Staging

Preferred Picture Framing Preferred Picture Framing Is unique in also offering Interior Design and Home Staging to our customers. Our number one goal is client satisfaction. With the belief that the design process can be an exciting and enjoyable one to homeowners, we are dedicated to completing projects on time, on budget, and with consistently happy clients. Please give us a call to speak with one of our design team members for complete details. Additionally, we are proud to be an Industry Partner of ASID, (The American Society of Interior Designers). (ASID profile page).


Professional Art Installation

We service your home, office or corporate setting to hang everything from a single piece to large groupings, mirrors or anything else you have to hang. Proper hanging and care of your artwork is essential for safety and longevity for your valuables. Always consult a picture framing professional before hanging your artwork...there may be hidden dangers you are not aware of.

Hanging Your Picture

All frames except for those with sawtooth hangers or ones hung from ceiling mouldings should be hung with proper picture hooks that you can get from your framer or local picture frame shop. Hanging from a nail allows the frame to more easily shift from level and increases the danger that the frame being knocked off the wall. Ideally, frames should be hung with the proper wall anchor from two hooks.

Military DiscountIn cases of very heavy frames or when mounting frames against brick or masonry walls, the use of molly screws or masonry hangers is necessary. Hooks are also available for use with this type of hardware.

Conference Room InstalltionProperly hung artwork combines concern for the safety of the artwork with the aesthetic concerns of lighting and visual balance within the room.

Spacing is an important element in a grouping. Each picture should be placed not too far from, nor too close to
its neighbor.

It is suggested to use two hooks to hang anything larger than 24" x 30". When determining where to put the hooks, use a carpenter's level to ensure that the picture will hang straight. This will help distribute the picture's weight more evenly, and your picture will hang straight without constant vigilance.

Hanging Mirrors

Mirrors are heavy and fragile items, your safety is dependent on their correct installation. Therefore, we strongly recommend  that large mirrors be installed by an experienced professional.

If you should choose to hang your mirror yourself, it is essential to use wall anchors that take into consideration the type of wall and weight of the mirror to be hung. It is always suggested to use two (rather than one) mounting points on the wall to better distribute the weight and allow for a more secure installation.

CarlosPreferred Picture Framing is fully insured to ensure you get safe and secure hanging of your art and valuables. We are a qualified vendor of the Arakawa Hanging System and Gyford Standoff Systems. We are always available to offer suggestions for your individual situation should you have a question about where you might be installing your artwork. Please call us at (626) 676-9225. (Ask about our 1 hour guarantee)