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Carlos Mostacero has been framing pictures for over 25 years and installing art for nearly as long. He understands that if you’ve gone to the trouble of bringing something to us for framing, you expect us to show you framing that you’ll be proud to have on your wall, that you will enjoy looking at on a daily basis.
Nicholas Mostacero has been with the Preferred Picture Framing team since 2015. As a graduate from CSULA, Nicholas utilizes his B.A. in Business Management to provide excellent product service and customer satisfaction. Nick enjoys sports, reading and working with his hands.
Vivian Garcia, a trained interior designer and the daughter of a successful architect. Design is in her blood and has been her life since 1998. But no design is worth the time and expense if it has not added value to the quality of your life and happiness. We provide full service design and interior architecture, including kitchen and bath renovations.
Robert Gonzalez is a USMC Veteran and we're glad to welcome him as the newest member to the Preferred Picture Framing team. Robert has always had a passion for art. He will assist the team with deliveries and installation. We are looking forward to working with him every day and teaching him a trade/skill to carry him further into the future.
Daved Ventura has been in the picture framing business since 2007 as a framer and art installer. Daved also manages our shipping and receiving department for local artists and galleries. Please inquire about our services.